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5 Useful hints on how to prepare your PPT for the visiting Peer team

Hint-1 As a Head of Institute, prepare around 40 slides PPT for 40+5 minutes and as Dir IQAC 15 slides (15 minutes) and as Dean/HOD 20 slides (20 minutes) at best. Spoken briefing in library, labs etc. be also prepared with supporting evidences/charts/boards/videos as applicable.

Hint-2 Preferably 7 lines in each slide and each line with around 7 words. Font size be clearly visible to the team. Don’t make a fancy PPT. Reduce content even further if you can. The Objective is that team should look at the Presenter, not the slide. The entire focus of the Presenter be on his/her body language and powerful engagement of the visiting team. A standing Presenter succeeds better in making impact than a sitting duck. Stand, irrespective of your position or the peer team requesting you to sit.

Hint 3 A 3 to 5 minutes video of a major breakthrough, social or institutional reform, cutting-edge innovation, research outcome having national impact or Major Students/faculty achievement in between the briefing has always proved very effective. If you don’t have one, make one in your studio by a student professional.

Hint 4 Don’t argue with the Peer team in big gathering, not even assert. Find time after the PPT in a small group to put it convincingly, if you think, you are convinced about your point.

Hint 5 Prepare PPT to put your best foot forward. Talk of rich legacy and the thoughts/work of the Founders, the vision and the yearning of environment for its attainment. Make a beginning with this. Don’t miss out major achievements but don’t overstate or boast off. No harm stating a weak point as a part of strategy to show humility. Cover only a few salient points of each criteria and exhibit their impact. Give superior weightage to students’ attainments and how Institute supported it to happen. If Research attainments are good, put these ahead of others. Show progression on major attainment graphically for superior impact.

-Prof JR Sharma is an international renowned Mentor to HEIs.