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Foreign Accreditation

Prof Sharma is arguably the best foreign accreditation consultant in India. In order to hone-in superior expertise, he has travelled to various overseas universities and studied their systems and processes on ABET and AACSB. He has been ably consulting faculty of various eminent institutes for the past 5 years. To remain current with the systems, Prof Sharma has established enabling contacts with the ABET and AACSB mentors and consultants. If you are seriously considering to apply for a foreign accreditation to take your institute to the next higher level, and engaged in a search to find an expert to help institute prepare and succeed, go for nothing short of a top foreign accreditation consultants- the AccreditationEdge.

ABET For the Engineering Institutes

Useful information, you may like to know step-wise activity

  • Check your UG/PG program has a name Engineering with it for EAC to accept.
  • Before formally applying get more information from EAC on your questions.
  • Prepare your Request for Evaluation (RFE). A separate RFE for each Commission depending on the Program being applied for.
  • Get RFE approval from NBA before 31st Jan of the Calendar year selected for applying. Keep authority for degree granting ready.
  • Ensure RFE submitted by 31st January of the Calendar year, so selected and await acceptance. This would be uploaded on the ABET website.
  • ABET assigns Team Chair to guide the institute.
  • Submit fee as laid down on the ABET website.
  • Submit SSR (comprising 7 criteria) to ABET HQ & Chair by July 01. Submit transcripts.
  • Onsite review will be conducted by 3 ABET experts for 3 days.
  • There is no Ranking or grade. It is Accredited/Not Accredited.
  • Next review may be after 6 years.
  • Deans given the evaluation by the Peer team to check for any error of fact.

AACSB Initial Accreditation Process for Management Schools

  • If you intend to go for AACSB, be prepared for a long haul of engagements. It takes easily, 2 years and more for the process to complete, after a letter from IAC recommending initial accreditation is received. Hence start now.
  • Submit eligibility application via myAccreditation with non-refundable eligibility application fee, comprising of no more than 35 pages (not including tables) any time of the year.
  • Institutes may submit draft of eligibility application for preliminary review prior to formal application.
  • After 3 months of acceptance of application a Mentor is assigned for 2 years who helps in preparing iSER. Institute needs to call for Mentor’s visit to the Institute. The visit of the Mentor is followed by Institute submitting “Initial Self Assessment Report” (iSER) + background information + gap analysis + EE, of approximately 100 pages.
  • After acceptance of iSER, there will be a transition from Mentor to Chair who enables institute to submit final SER after the recommendation of i SER are implemented.
  • Contact System Manager for doubts, if any at myAccreditation or +18137696546.
  • The Eligibility application comprises of following 5 parts which is reviewed by the IAC and intimates deficiencies, if any by uploading on the website:
    • Institutional Contact Information.
    • Background Information.
    • AACSB Eligibility criteria
    • Faculty composition and Research
    • Engagement, Innovation and Impact
  • You would be required to work on the following criteria (7 c above) for your eligibility application:
    • Core values Guiding Principles:
      • Criteria A: Ethical Behavior
      • Criteria B: Collegiate Environment
      • Criteria C: Commitment to corporate and social responsibility
    • General Criteria:
      • Criteria D: Accreditation Scope & AACSB membership
      • Criteria E: Oversight, Sustainability and Continuous improvement.
      • Criteria F: Policy on Continuous adherence to standards and integrity of submission to AACSB
  • This will be followed by the Peer Review Team visit. Next review shall be after 5 years.

The above rigor indicates that a home expert is a compelling need for the Institutes. Express your intent by sending a mail at