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Do you consider teaching as a noble profession?

“*I know how to become a competent faculty and a successful person but somehow, I can’t put shoulders to the wheel and pull enough. I’m so much into too many things. Please show me the way”, says a faculty. * First ask yourself, “do I consider teaching as a noble profession? Am I a bit” […]

As a Professor, do you get a kick?

If you think, as teacher you don’t get enough kick out of your teaching profession, think again. The kick might be instant when a student runs to you to touch your feet or stands before you with a medal around her/his neck or is face-glowing jubilant on the offer of a top job. You would […]

Golden Rules of Mentoring HEIs on NAAC and NBA Accreditations

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Here is a digest : 1. Never put IQAC team, Criteria Heads and Single Points of Contacts on the fragile crutches. Instead, empower them by mentoring meaningfully by richly evolved mentoring notes and then walk the talk. Be a close walking companion in their journey rather than one standing on a high pedestal, ‘sermonising’ 🙂 […]

Life after NAAC

* A week ago, it was NAAC NAAC, everywhere in the campus. The people have since gone back to their routine and settled into their original real groove, much as soldiers after fighting a war go back to their barracks to rest and recuperate 🙂 Nothing significantly got changed in the institute. The euphoria to […]

When a NAAC assessor starts mulling, if it was a gift or graft

“I think it is a gift”. “No, I think it is a graft”. “I’m bound by the NAAC not to accept either”. “But I think, I shouldn’t mind a genuine gift”. “No, they don’t love me, why would they give me a gift”? “It is a naked graft under a veil of gift, don’t I […]

To Appeal Against NAAC grade or NOT ?

Here are a few tips:- * Do appeal if unfairly landed in an undeserving grade due to some flaws in DVV or peer team assessment. A flaw may occur:- 1. A grade when multiplied with weightage, if stood totalled up wrong by the NAC as seen in the final grade sheet. It happened in one […]