Value-Added and Add-On Courses for scaling up NAAC Grade

The difference between Value Added courses (VACs), Add-on courses and Enrichment Courses can leave even a top NAAC consultant answer less. These are same and used interchangeably. All have the same character and blood-stream running – beyond curriculum and same objective-helping students in skill competencies which enable jobs. Ideally, there should be no bar in […]

Turn your IQAC from a position of a thankless job to a highly thankful job

You are potentially a team-quality, but perhaps your faculty peers perceive you otherwise-a team on the prowl for data collection. *Mission- top NAAC grade and NIRF ranking has kept you in a spin. You always find that the activities you should have done 5 years or 4 years ago can’t be done now. So, what […]

Trailing in NAAC DVV score

Trailing in NAAC DVV score ? You can still score over 80% in the peer team visit. Let us take a look, what creates a first big impact on a Peer team :- 1. Sometimes, a VC or Director’s words might not strike the chord with the peer team. For example, a few months ago, […]

IQAC is a must have requirement for any Institute of Higher Education

IQAC is mandatory for the HEI after its first NAAC cycle, and so are the AQARs. Nonetheless, it is not arguable that any HEI even if not aspiring for the NAAC should also have a functional Quality Assurance Cell to assure and promote quality. A couple of days ago, a “B School” asked for my […]

ODLs might sink many low quality HEIs ?

ODLs might sink many low quality HEIs ? Any student would want a degree from a top Indian university. After all, every one aspires to build one’s career profile with a stamp of an eminent institute. UGC has since removed, if at all there was any difference between regular and online/distance mode of learning degrees. […]


BE AN EARLY MOVER ON CUET 45 central universities and their affiliated colleges will participate in the CUET in the upcoming session 2022. CUET would be soon embraced by other State and Private Universities as well. It all depends when NTA would get geared up for other State, Deemed to be Universities and private universities […]


Well, there is no easy way. If you find an easy way, and is not unethical, please share with me too 🙂 In any case, why even think of a way that takes you to a new low in your conscious and demonstrated ability? Place trust in you. Recognise your innate abilities and ideate a […]

NAAC grades and NIRF ranking Assessment and Evaluation

* One of the major reasons for the weightage shift to the ‘online assessment and evaluation’ was to stop a possible subjectivity leading to corruption during a physical inspection. However, placing prime reliance on the ‘online’ mode is perhaps also turning greatly unreliable. Often, unscrupulous low quality institutes could be seen walking away with a […]

OBE Process

I’m a ‘AAM’ faculty. My institute is immersed in the OBE process, and I know my limited role in the OBE process, and here I share it stepwise:- Step-1 : To begin with I had involved myself into establishing COs of my course, leveraging Blooms Taxonomy. After all, it was my bread n’ butter. Step-2 […]