Difference of NAAC, NBA, NIRF in faculty definitions and FSR requirement

*NAAC, NBA, NIRF have all different faculty definitions and FSR requirement. Wonder why can’t they have one unified standard ? * * Faculty in NAAC* is only regular (full-time) with 90% of the total academic workload in AY engagement (Sorry, No visiting, part-time, contract, adhoc or eminent). It is a ratio of enrolled students in […]

4 Top Scoring NAAC Metrics

NAAC, for all good reasons has given a certain weight to some simple-scoring 4 metrics with whopping 100 marks. It holds the key to tilt the balance of your institute to higher NAAC grade : Don’t make mistakes in understanding how to answer all of these. Here is a clarity :- 1.1.2- Program Syllabus revision-20 […]