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Difference of NAAC, NBA, NIRF in faculty definitions and FSR requirement

*NAAC, NBA, NIRF have all different faculty definitions and FSR requirement. Wonder why can’t they have one unified standard ? *

* Faculty in NAAC* is only regular (full-time) with 90% of the total academic workload in AY engagement (Sorry, No visiting, part-time, contract, adhoc or eminent). It is a ratio of enrolled students in a completed year to regular faculty and is pegged at 1:15 or better for full marks.

* Faculty in NBA* is one hired before 31 Aug and continuing to 30 May in a given academic year (No part-time/adhoc/visiting/eminent), but yes, ‘contract faculty’ back to back 2 semesters is counted provided they meet other connected laid down faculty qualification too. 1:15 or better FSR on the sanctioned intake (not enrolled strength) for engineering and management program and the like, gets full marks.

* Faculty in NIRF* requires regular faculty. ‘Contract faculty’ only if employed for not less than 3 years, and visiting/eminent faculty only if with PhD employed on full time basis. Count one semester (0.5%). FSR on sanctioned/approved intake FSR 1:10 and better (Engg) gets full marks. For other categories study the explanatory notes.

If Institute has a poorer ratio than the given, they will score proportionally as much less !

Note:- Above summary is my personal interpretations from the available material in the public domain. It is important to save it/note it down since it would be very handy to you

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