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As a Professor, do you get a kick?

If you think, as teacher you don’t get enough kick out of your teaching profession, think again. The kick might be instant when a student runs to you to touch your feet or stands before you with a medal around her/his neck or is face-glowing jubilant on the offer of a top job. You would find goosebumps rising on your skin when she/he surprises you many years later bowing before you for the leader she/he grew. That is the big kick. Isn’t it ? A successful student is a reflection of your commitment to the society. Not everyone can make career. You do. With one career, you often create a means of livelihood for the entire family, and beyond. Truly, you contribute to the Nation’s progress. A drop doesn’t know what is it to an ocean. A building block doesn’t know what is it to a building.

It is not just the students empowerment, a teacher’s impact of his own work and recognition in the field of teaching-learning, research and innovation leading to disruption of status quo and societal good, gets her/him a huge excitement and pumped up feelings.

I love my profession and commit to it with mindfulness and refined attention. I look to be a better version of myself. I know if I’m competent, I can easily switch over to any institute that would give wings to my flight for an excellence. I live in the moments, remain upbeat, and take pride in my work, health and happiness !

Prof-JR Sharma

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