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How higher education institutes should best operationalize Institute Development Plan (IDP) issued by the UGC Q&A

Q. What was the need for IDP ?
Ans. To provide a broad framework for the HEIs to develop their own IDP with an aim to develop institute excellence in every sphere of its progress, and further the objectives set out by the NEP 2020.

Q. What does it comprise of ?
Ans. It is a 63 page framework document. There are 8 parameters namely governance, financial enablers, innovative academic enablers, research, suppprtive n’ facilitative enablers, HR enablers, Networking n’ collaboration, Physical and Digital enablers. There are 8 Annexures (one each for each parameter) which further break sub parameters into broad initiatives.

Q. Is IDP of some worth?
Ans. Well, these are impactful guidelines made by an expert committee, and merit consideration by the HEIs. However, these are not end-all. You can add more to these. Some of these might require you to apply with suitable modifications since every institute is distinctive.

Q. In what way these parameters are different from the NAAC metrics? Will these indeed add to quality?
Ans. 70 to 80% of these parameters are similar to NAAC metrics. Quite clearly, the difference lies in UGC broadly breaking down each sub parameter into appropriate initiative/s. Besides, it is a strategic plan made for 15 years (subject to periodic review) requiring sustained and continuous follow up. If you develop IDP well and succeed in operationalising, you shall be a great institute on the move to eminence and also reduce your efforts on the upcoming accreditations and ranking.

Q. Is it simple to operationalize IDP?
Ans. No. It requires a lot of thinking to go into how to effectively discharge a stated function or accomplish an activity. It might require further breaking UGC IDP into doable action points for your IDP and recommend suitable tools to accomplish. The UGC IDP framework is all in bullet points. Some institutes might simply fail to interpret what exactly is expected from them or misinterpret its sub parameters. These are very broad statements, like we have Programme Outcomes. Even annexures are bullet point actions. So you need eminent experienced people well versed with the processes and systems to simplify your institute IDP into seamless easy and understandable document for effective operationalising it. Use BOS and AC besides IQAC to debate and deliberate. It would further require institute to set priority for each activity/task, allocate responsibilities, set timelines, develop tracks, calendars and conduct each activity to the hilt, review these in various IQAC meetings, obtain feedback, assess impact and make incremental changes where required.

-By Prof JR Sharma

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