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Make LMS your Most Powerful Online Teaching Tool

1. It is now well-established that one of the most dominant methods in teaching is through the LMS. If you wish to be a teacher of today, and more importantly tomorrow, make LMS your prime driver and leverage its huge veracity.
Here is a run-down on how to get max out of your LMS:

Step-1 Get the right LMS, maybe Blackboard or MOODLE or any other truly empowering one.

Step-2 Select your teaching tools after critically mapping the same with COs and POs so developed, using Blooms’ Taxonomy. Here is a word of caution. When selecting a tool, do a wide and deep research of how your subject is delivered in the top world universities and the leading MOOCS of the world. Go far beyond what you have been doing for years. Raise your own bar. Know that the buffalo can only be killed by the lion by putting jaw to the neck. If that sounds a bit aggressive, think a bee taking nectar from the flower. Your nectar, precisely is the powerful tool of delivery.

3. Step 3 LMS requires enabling and effective tool developing means. Request your institute Management that institute must create an enabling in-house capacity for multi-media software development like, animation, gaming, 3-D visuals, simulations, videos, tech-supported case studies, augmented realty etc. University with a School of Design will have most of these, others will need to create competencies in this area. Meanwhile, learn a few of the most commonly needed skill through MOOCS and if you can afford take services of a freelance developer and get your teaching tools developed for your subject.

Remember, besides teaching, you will be able to create teaching material for the MOOCS, including SWAYAM

-Prof J.R Sharma, the Mentor for institutes of eminence.