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NAAC Challenges for Health Sciences Colleges

1. You don’t have an option to opt out, unlike other non health sciences colleges. You also have 65:35 Online: Peer team weightage. Besides, you have Part-A (900 marks) and discipline specific Part-B(100 marks). It is unique and challenging.

2. Nearly 90 % health sciences institutes are bound to struggle in meeting the following quantitative metrics:-

(a) Participation in BOS/AC
(b) Value-added courses, and subject related add-on and dip/certificate courses.
(c) Teachers trained for development of content.
(d) Teachers awarded for academics and leadership in the State and above level.
(e) Exam reforms
(f) National/ international fellowships
(g) Books published.
(h) Research Projects funded by the government or industry.
(j) Per teacher research papers published.
(k) Awards by government bodies for research, innovation.
(k) Collaborative Research
and students/faculty exchange.
(l) Functional MOUs for internships and others.
(m) e-library and e-content resources by teachers
(n) Success in competitive exams.
(o) Inter University and above level sports and extracurricular activity awards
(p) Alumni contribution

3. In addition, the qualitative metrics require clarity and hand-holding since every college is exclusive and in different state of readiness. Webinar for sure won’t help since it entails at least 5 days of rigorous engagement and scrutiny of documents.

-Prof Sharma is an internationally renowned Mentor for the higher education.