Accreditation Edge

Never ignore your students if aiming to score high on the NAAC administered Survey

1. Don’t forget to brief your students what NAAC means to institute, and how it would benefit students now, and later in their career. Choose a right time, suitable platform and a credible and trusted motivator. Articulate how a top NAAC grade will make them walk with heads high and how their proud Alma Mater will grow and thrive.

2. Remember, if not even 10% respond to NAAC survey, university will get Zero marks.

3. Students Survey for the affiliated colleges carrying 60 marks can make or mar the institute’s hopes.

4. Without waiting for submission of SSR, make sure that as a best practice, you show genuine concern, care and empathy to students, take action on their feedback and inform them of action-taken, set an effective complaint redressal system, help weak students off the classrooms, as faculty, besides the Placement Cell, help them personally in their placements through your contacts, run job-specific skill courses and always show utmost genuine concern and inspire them, hugely. If you do all of that unmindful of survey, you won’t be sweating during the survey.

5. Give Institute’s enabled mail of each student to the NAAC-an email used by institute to send routine messages to students in a normal course. This puts a caution on students, not to go berserk in their exaggerated negative remarks.

– Prof JR Sharma is an internationally renowned mentor to HEIs.