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The short and long of IQAC

The Role of IQAC is assurance and promotion of quality.

Assurance is to do all it can to help attain, well-developed quality standards set by the Management through IQAC by showing the way to (a) what are quality standards (b) what quality processes and practices would work better in attaining the set standards (c) periodic auditing to stay on course (d) assessing impact of quality initiatives by holding periodic meetings, obtaining and analysing feedback and suggesting further improvements.

It is NOT desirable for the IQAC to throw itself into doing things itself, what’s ought to be done by the various statutory functionaries of academic and admin units and thus not try and encroach upon or pull the rug under their feet.

promotion is rooted in (a) creating a belief system of ‘quality’ in the environment (b) instilling a pride of being a quality person n’ organisation (c) assisting, mentoring, guiding, incentivising and seeding quality at the core of every single activity of an institute.

By Prof JRS -Personal view

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