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Are you NEP 2020 Compliant HEI ?

In any accreditation or 12 (b) visit, it is almost given that a visiting team would require you to demonstrate implementation of NEP 2020. Leave alone a visit or a perceived fear of facing it on this count, it is an inescapable for any higher education institute to go along the grain or else, it would completely lose the plot and put students to suffer for lack of academic flexibility, exit or entry. So, get set-go and become NEP 2020 compliant institute.

Here is what you should implement right-away :

(a) Immediate Priority
(i) Switch over to ABC and Digi-locker
(ii) Change over to new curriculum and credit framework
(iii) Issue prospectus including all above and guidelines for pursuing 2 degrees concurrently, and encourage students to enrol. Plan at least 20 % courses every semester on SWAYAM.

(b) Priority 2 but important
(i) Enrol a few Professors of Practice
(ii) Implement UGC Redressal of Students Grievances Regulations 2023, particularly Ombudsman, issuance of a Prospectus as directed.
(iii) Publish on own website fresh UGC guidelines on minimum eligibility of PhD
(iv) Amend HR Manual and include NET/SLET .. as a new Min qualification for Asst Prof.
(v) Undertake twinning degrees/diplomas with foreign universities if minimum NAAC “A” or in first 100 NIRF ranking

Best wishes to walk the talk of the time

By Prof JRS

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