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Five Criteria essential to identify a best of best NAAC Consultant for your institute

Five Criteria essential to identify a best of best NAAC Consultant for your institute

Criterion 1: Institutes should fact-check credentials of a Consultant and engage only an academician who is well-versed with various nuances and best practices in academics, particularly in the major disciplines/programs run by the institute. For example, a professor of engineering or management won’t be able consult effectively to a medical or a substantially health sciences university.

Criterion 2: A good NAAC Consultant should be able to mentor an institute in building academic and research capacity and set up an academic, research and students’-first support systems as well as assist in showing the way in building NAAC mandated initiatives and developing competencies in faculty and students.

Criterion 3 : A consultant who relies on expediency and unethical means such as fudging data, manipulating and misrepresenting facts, is an enemy of the system and can’t claim to be in a category of best NAAC accreditation consultant even if he/she succeeds in securing a top grade.

Criterion 4. A top NAAC consultant or mentor must be a good content writer with full command over the academic processes, standards, concepts, and grammar. It is not that he/she would be expected to write or develop policies, processes or qualitative metrics but should be able to edit/improve/value add existing documents into professionally superior documents.

Criterion 5: A highly competent NAAC consultant or a top NAAC agency should have proven record of past success and should have earned the trust of faculty and the management of earlier consulted institutes by having guided them following rules, values and ethics.

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