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Institutes Must Avoid Six Self-Destructive Practices

1. VC/Principal avoiding to provide leadership to IQAC and Research Committee-the two most powerful bodies (other than the statutory), thereby ‘quality’ taking a big hit.

2. Dilution of ‘minimum laid-down criteria’ in Admissions, continuing admissions till the first Semester exams to capture as many admissions as possible, and also failing to verify authenticity of students’ original documents at the time of admission.

3. Ignoring ‘faculty selection’ on merit to accommodate low merit-low salary faculty, including vilolation, of ‘minimum laid down qualifications’ for the promotion.

4. Failing in transparency and playing around with financial and academic data, falsifying, fudging, misrepresenting to regulatory, accreditation, ranking bodies, students and faculty and not paying salaries as per norms.

5. Diluting the standards of question papers, liberal and subjective marking, turning a blind eye to copying, giving fudged attendance to students and other related unethical means.

6. Inability to provide/upgrade enabling labs, workshops job-related courses, new skills, competitive exams and opportunities for the placement.

Prof JRS

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