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IQAC is a must have requirement for any Institute of Higher Education

IQAC is mandatory for the HEI after its first NAAC cycle, and so are the AQARs. Nonetheless, it is not arguable that any HEI even if not aspiring for the NAAC should also have a functional Quality Assurance Cell to assure and promote quality. A couple of days ago, a “B School” asked for my advice to assist them set up an IQAC and guide them to hold its first meeting, though the B School didn’t prefer to go for the NAAC, however, it indicated aspiration for the NIRF. The B Scool is already NBA accredited and also has a creditable foreign accreditation.

This is what I had to suggest, and I share it with you all for your knowledge :-

  1. Prepare a policy document on the IQAC comprising Vision, Objectives, Strategy, Functions. Break-down the Cell into sub- committees which meet frequently to accomplish their respective committees sub functions. Since quality is a continuous function, if IQAC is not divided into sub committees, and HEI relies only on a meeting once a quarter, the outcomes would be minuscule.
  2. Nominate suitable IQAC composition and notify it. Select quality persons of knowledge n’ experience. It is not a random roll of dice to pick up anyone for the IQAC unless someone wants to join simply as an additional member to learn.
  3. Issue an Agenda of the first meeting 15 days in advance of the proposed date of meeting based on the priorities as mentioned in the para 4 below:-
  4. Chalk out top 10 to 12 Quality priority areas, based on the set IQAC functions and also HEI’s deliverables on the perspective HEI’s well-made, short and long-term plan. These priorities need not necessarily be on the lines of the NAAC specific criterion. Make it distinctive to the quality needs of the institute. Here were the quality priorities identified by me for their B School since I have been a long-term mentor to it, and I knew it’s strengths and weaknesses:-
    •  Preparation of FDP calendar, planning FDP budget and organising duly approved workshops, training and talks. Carry out assessment of training n’ development effectiveness at the end of the year, and prepare a Report for the BOM.
    • Implementation of various regulatory notifications as and when received, guidelines and NHEQF, as applicable to implement NEP 2020. Offer comments on the UGC draft regulations and write policies for the Regulatory bodies.
    • Implementation of OBE system, Examination reforms by the AICTE, and evolving teaching-learning continuously. Continue to develop courses content on the LMS leveraging multi-media tools and quadrant approach. Leverage ERP to the optimum usage.
    • Advancing research, creating a research n’ innovation culture and eco-system of entrepreneurship and start-ups. Institute reward system. Encourage faculty to go for the deserving awards.
    • Enabling developing of a Course and Course Coordinator in the college for a SWAYAM course and organising enhanced numbers of SWAYAM courses participation by students.
    • Carrying out audits, such as AAA, Green, Environment, Energy audit
    • Review HEI’s perspective plan, monitor progress and preparing of an action-taken report.
  5. Setting up a highly enabling system of feedback of all stakeholders and semester-wise ATR with definite protocols.
  6. Setting up effective mentoring system and preparing a Student’s Portfolio (an account of performance from the day of joining till graduated)
  7. Building capacity for the NIRF (to apply in Dec 2023 covering AY 2021-22, 2020-21 and 2019-20 data
  8. Introducing, multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary curriculum, courses on climate, community engagement, flexibility in exiting PGDM with one year diploma, and such other NEP mandated initiatives as would come up in the form of regulations for the standalone PGDM colleges.
  9. Taking various ‘students-first’ quality initiatives, including, co-curricular, extracurricular and social extension activities, and recording their impact.

Take on as many above issues as possible during the IQAC meetings and record Minutes of Meetings without fail

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