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OBE Process

I’m a ‘AAM’ faculty. My institute is immersed in the OBE process, and I know my limited role in the OBE process, and here I share it stepwise:-

Step-1 : To begin with I had involved myself into establishing COs of my course, leveraging Blooms Taxonomy. After all, it was my bread n’ butter.

Step-2 : I mapped and created relevance level of COs of my Course with POs (already formed by the Program Head). My peer faculty who delivers same course in other sections joined me in arriving at a well considered level of relevance (3,2,1)

Step 3: While forming the Course Structure and Course Scheme of my Course, I mapped Assessment Tools and Teaching Delivery tools with COs. I went a step head and even mapped my contemporary teaching delivery tools with each topic. I created a mapping table. I may look to you a simple innocuous looking guy, but I have some of my finest videos and 3-D visual designs in my teaching tools.

Step 4: In the Course planning Document, I have introduced a new field this time- “weightage of marks planned” against each CO of my course, based on their comparative relevance and further allocated to term-end, Mid-term, Quiz, Internship, Project, Case study, Thesis, assignments etc. This advance planning will assist me in setting Exam papers and assignment marks. I don’t like to be running hatter-scatter when it comes to setting a question paper. If someone else is setting, I would advise that the planned weightage be given.

Step 5: As a subject faculty I continue to deliver my each topic of the course, tutorial or practical based on the mapped tools and methodologies befitting each topic. I do hold assessment based on the tools mapped. So, my planning is connected to my actual delivery. No difference holds in my ‘kathni and karni’.

Step-6: Based on marks of the student in each test/assignment pertaining to each CO of my course (whatever small), I arrive at the LEVEL-1, 2, 3 of my class as per NBA norms against each CO of my course based on the threshold set by me in advance. This I transfer into OBE Assessment Excel Sheet I have created for my class. I’m not a lazy guy and I don’t postpone filling-in marks later.

Step 7: I total up all the levels of COs of my Course and arrive at one average figure of the entire course up to the two decimal levels.

Step 8: I submit this level to my Program coordinator of the program. Similarly, all faculty of the program submit their respective course level.

Step 9: My work finishes here and the work of Program Coordinator begins. He would use my course and other courses to arrive at POs direct attainments. He obtains the Indirect Assessment of all students of the program centrally.

Step 10: I submit my Course Exit Semester Feedback as per the laid down performa of my institute to the Program Head. At the end, I carry out self assessment of my students direct assessment outcomes of my own course and undertake improvements to deliver the course much better next year.

-A humble but engaged faculty as imagined by Prof JR Sharma.

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