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Specific Roles of University Appointments to Get to the Top of NAAC

Specific Roles of University Appointments to Get to the Top of NAAC

1. Responsibility of IQAC Director in NAAC related activity planning :

A month prior to the commencement of Academic Year, plan a Calendar of activities/events specific to NAAC metrics and as desired in DVV SOP and list it as Annexure to the Annual Academic Calendar and issue clear and specific instructions down to the constituent colleges and other academic/admin units to take initiatives forward. Monitor progress during the IQAC meetings.

2. Responsibility of every Event/Activity Organiser :

Issue detailed brochure/instructions and further document every event/activity as a short Report with geo-tagged pictures right on the day of the event/activity, not leaving to the next day. If event deserves publicity, make a post for the social media and also publish in Monthly/Quarterly Newsletter.

3. Responsibility of Secretary of every Statutory and Non Statutory Committee in recording the Minutes:

Record ‘Minutes of Meeting’ of every academic and admin meeting within 48 hours of its holding both at constituent college level and at university level and circulate by e-mail. Monitor progress of ‘action points’.

4. Responsibility of Registrar in organising Data :

Organise an effective ‘information and data cell’ of the entire university with filters for each academic/admin department/unit by using ERP/Software of MIS and record/update data specific to AISHE,NIRF and NAAC framework on real time basis. Lay down SOP for smooth flow of information. Always organise “One data-one university”. Dedicate a team of at least two data analytic trained personnel for the daily updating of data. The same team could also be tasked to manage updating institute website, social media sites, real-time. Often old and irrelevant information keeps lying on the website, and that acts as a big drag on its credibility. It is a Daily activity.

5. Responsibility of Director IQAC of tracking NAAC targets:

Set a mechanism of monthly tracker of progress on major initiatives of the university and its constituent colleges and other admin and academic units. Hold monthly briefing of the key criteria incharge/IQAC sub committees assigned with specific tasks of quality related initiatives like accreditation/ranking, designing QMS, setting standards, writing policies operating procedures, processes and protocols.

6. Responsibility of Director IQAC in conducting AAA and other audits:

Conduct AAA, IT and energy/green audits with an external expert once in 2 years and arrive at action plan to bridge gaps. Hold SWOT analysis annually and form 5-year perspective plan and strategy associated with it for execution, co-opting stakeholders and experts views. Don’t forget to include in the plan, skill labs of contemporary technology, software and clinical practice. Upgrade ERP, Exam Software, HMS,ILMS and LMS. Maintain records.

7. Responsibility of Dean Academics in Curriculum revision :

Lead curriculum Design and Revision/addition and deletion of programs, develop Course Coordinators, plan and deliver SWAYAM courses, following due process of BOS, AC etc. Keep IQAC posted.

8. Responsibility of Dean Research in evolving Research & Consultancy Eco System:

Hold monthly meetings to advance research in every conceivable way and build strong internal capacity and Eco system. Set publication targets. Strategise to enrol scholars. Upgrade CRL. Keep IQAC posted with the outcomes.

9. * Responsibility of IQAC Director in FDP* :

Organise Professional Education Unit to develop to skill and up-skill teaching and non-teaching staff. Run enabling training capsules. Prepare a training need data by the beginning of AY and run programs accordingly. Support faculty in outreach. Collaborate for learning. Hold national and international seminars. Document effectiveness of training.

By-Prof JR Sharma

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