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Not to Ignore NBA Accreditation. It might be risky for the Technical Institutes (Management included)

For those in IQAC should know that the NEP has not done away with NBA accreditation. It seems destined to stay. And if old wine gets into the new bottle, and same people occupy the newly-named bodies, it would definitely stay. Program-specific accreditation has stayed even in the developed Nations of the world. There are accrediting bodies, both for the accreditation of programs as well as institutes. NBA is much similar to ABET which accredits programs and that has continued to sustain for the past nearly 80 years.

Let’s now talk, why it is critical. You are aware that National Accreditation Council (NAC) is a Meta Accrediting Body both for NAAC and NBA.

If NAC doesn’t reverse AICTE Notification (Clause 7.4 of Approval Handbook 2020-21) of requiring technical institutes to complete NBA accreditation of 60% of programs in the next 3 years (appears no plausible reason to reverse), institutes failing to comply with the Notification , according to AICTE will not be granted EoA which amounts to de-recognition of programs. This can prove disastrous.

Though NBA has not been a critical regulatory requirement for the constituent colleges of a university being out of the AICTE regulation, NBA has been contributing to the positive Perception in the NIRF.

* Preparation for the NBA, particularly OBE can be a pain in the neck if there is no ample clarity*

OBE is a least understood process as of date. There is an acute dearth of true experts in this area. Institutes thus need hand-holding workshops for their faculty. Here is rundown on the most commonly committed mistakes by 90% of institutes;

  • Not even finding out, if the program being considered meets the *Pre-qualifiers
  • Not setting question papers and other assessments as per each sub CO along with the weightage of marks it deserves, including labs, SIP etc.
  • Setting just one common threshold (3-year average marks) for all the subjects as against a requirement of different thresholds.
  • Levels of attainments determined by % of marks as against the much needed % of students attaining the set threshold.
  • Inability to co-opt in the attainments the element of pre-determined co-relation of each CO with PO when arriving at the final ‘direct assessment’.
  • Inability of capturing and converting into the score on the scale of 3, the component of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities of Indirect Assessment along with Exit Survey and Employers survey.
  • 99% institutes failing to document OBE system of at least one previous graduated batch to draw lessons of PO and PSO attainments to effect suitable improvements in the curriculum, teaching-learning etc. and thus rendering, the entire OBE exercise as fruitless and a waste of time.
  • waking up to document OBE system only for the short and temporary purpose of accredition and not immersing the system into programs as ‘best practice’.

If you wish to document just completed year 2019-20 as CAY (which would be to your advantage), you will be required to apply for NBA before 30 Sep 2020 or else, CAY 2020-21 marred by COVID-19 will start from 01 Oct 2020.

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