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Looking beyond NAAC as you set your aim to become a Highly Cited Researcher (HCR) ?

We look at enhancing research citations with a prism to get a top grade in NAAC. That is very narrow thinking. Any NAAC consultant or Mentor who doesn’t focus on building academic and research capability in an institute is not worth calling a NAAC consultant or mentor.

I join you in accumulating knowledge and passing it to successive generations. Knowledge actuates curiosity, kindles innovative minds, and that sets a man to invent and discover. But while you set on a course for knowledge, open your mind to the multi-disciplinary, inter-disciplinary, and poly-disciplinary research, often discouraged in the early years of research by most research mentors who advise faculty to remain focussed on the domain-designated research areas. The most sighted researchers of the world are however from the poly-disciplinary research areas.

“CLARIVATE” a global research analytic company in its analysis 2022 declared 7200 highly cited researchers (HCR) in the world. They constitute 1%, one in thousand researchers. USA and China are top of the list. India doesn’t figure in the first 10. It is indicative of the fact that the quality of papers is miserably low, as well as the outreach of our researchers is terribly limited and who for a variety of reasons don’t announce their research to the outside world. We don’t draw the world to our new knowledge enough. A year ago, I shared with you my blog on how to get your papers cited and build citations. I don’t mind pulling out that blog once again if some of you are keen to revise it. IITs and IIMs are adopting those citation strategies, liberally. It is time to build your research profile and line up to the aim of becoming a “most cited researcher’

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