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NAAC’s 18 Enablers

Dear Readers,

NAAC goes tough; expects institutes to leverage technology and also save environment.
Check, if you have all of these 18 Enablers in your institute, if aspiring for a top grade*

* ERP (Comprising, OBE/CBME, Admissions, Academic Records, Accounts, Admin, Exam Management system) either through Independent Software Vendor (ISV) or Software as Services (SAS)

* Examination Management System Software if not a part of your ERP.

* SCOPUS or any other database/software subscription to assess current research level and leverage it to advance further research.

* Plagiarism scan software.

* Fully equipped and extensively utilised Central Instrument Center/CRL

* Proctored software for online Exam.

* Integrated Library Management System with RFID.

* Lecture Capturing System.

* LMS with well-developed multi-media features for each course teaching-learning, planning and assessment and utilisation.

* Studio, Audio-Video recording and leveraging for content creation for MOOCS.

* Skill labs, Simulators, AI AR, Robotics enabled clinical equipment-Health Sciences.

* Video conferencing facility, Wi-fi LAN in all classrooms.

* Hospital Management System-Health Science

* e-Access to library from residence, A database for every discipline, eShodh-Sindhu, ShodhGanga with inclusive thesis uploaded.

* Virtual labs connectivity with the concerned IoEs and inter campus library connectivity.

* Incubators set up and truly functional on well-conceived projects.

* STP, Solar Energy, Wheeling to Grid, Biogas plant, Sensor-based energy composition.
* Green, energy, environment best practices and audit.

“If you buy/subscribe and put to use for full 5 years preceding NAAC accreditation, you get full marks or else count only the fractions for the fraction period. No marks for putting to use in non-assessment years 🙂 Be sure, you Geotag their installations pictures.

Best Wishes ! Prof JR Sharma.

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