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How you should begin implementing NEP 2020

How you should begin implementing NEP 2020

* There are a few initiatives, your University/college can take now and be ahead of others in implementing NEP-2020.

1. If yours is at least “A”NAAC or within 100 NIRF rank institute, plan your programs to be delivered in 2022-23 now, to be uploaded on the Academic Bank of Credit (ABC) website (on the anvil). You can select some programs/courses with ChoIce-based options from the UGC and AICTE websites, as relevant. You should also refer SWAYAM website for selecting the courses. Thereafter, you should design your programs and courses accordingly and upload. Get these approved by BOS, AC, BOM in advance. Please refer to the UGC regulations 2021 for more details.

2. Introduce through the rigour of deliberations at various statutory committees, well-deliberated certificate, diploma and degree programs with multiple entry and exit options, including 3 year degree and 4-year multidisciplinary degree programs. Follow UGC 2021 regulations on this, and position yourself well ahead of time for the AY 2022-23. The guidelines provide full details of entry/exit levels from 5 to 10, number of credits and duration. These are not at all complex to understand. Let your IQAC hold a clarity session and provide input to AC.

3. You can get max of 40 % courses delivered to your students on the SWAYAM platform. You can make a humble start with at least 5% and then build it to 10% YOY. But you must make a start. It requires detailed planning of course timings. Well, in a university setting, you can easily tailor-make your Academic Calendar to align course timings with at least a few such courses, as well as get course syllabus and content in sync with the SWAYAM course. You must however tell your students well in advance of registration and publish it in their Prospectus/ Diary. SWAYAM would get you enhanced score in NIRF too. Let your Dean Academics/Registrar plan it out well ahead of AY.

4. If yours is a Heath Science University or Deemed to be university with allied health sciences programs such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy and such other professional programs, you should reach out to the respective State Allied and Healthcare Council (check if already in place) and get your institute registered and programs approved for the year 2022-23. In times ahead, you would need UG/PG passing students to be registered in the “State Register” as respective “Professionals”. Refer 2021 Regulations of National Commission for Allied and Healthcare Professions. Do also adhere to the essential compliances laid down for the first time by the standard setting body. Dean Academics/Registrar should initiate this compliance.

All of above can also form very useful part of the IQAC quality initiatives in the NAAC SSR against metrics 6.5. Your university can get high marks in those metrics being most impactful initiatives.

-By Prof JR Sharma

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