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Life after NAAC

* A week ago, it was NAAC NAAC, everywhere in the campus. The people have since gone back to their routine and settled into their original real groove, much as soldiers after fighting a war go back to their barracks to rest and recuperate 🙂 Nothing significantly got changed in the institute. The euphoria to hype n’ portray institute artificially is since over, and the best academic practices so advocated during the NAAC, though not given a quiet burial, but nicely placed on the back-burner to lie there simmering for a while, and in some cases, till the next 4 years.

* NAAC had gingered up everyone. People were running hatter-scatter, digging n’ manufacturing data. Data in bits and pieces made way through the corridors like mortar and bricks to the IQAC warehouse. Then there was a brief lull in the battle. A couple of months later, once again IQAC was humming with activity. Institute was dressed up like a bride. Red carpets were spread all the way. The spit and polish was at its heightened best whereas an old lathe and milling machines displayed in mechanical workshop were lying rusted. Some essential machines like 3-D design and scanning machine and other computer aided engineering machines, were no where to be seen. The pathways, stones and even the trees were however painted to welcome the grand peer team. Expensive give-aways were being stacked as tools of expediency. The monument eventually stood tall on the foundation of a fair amount of fragility and spruced up lies.
* ⁠Notwithstanding, everyone rejoiced and profusely celebrated the grand victory. They had worked hard 🙂
This is by and large a ghar ghar ki kahani

“Vidya” otherwise is so endeared and blessed by Ma Sarswati, and ought to delve into each one of us as the purest possession. It is perhaps currently lying on a stretcher, wounded at its guts. A clear shift to clean ethical environment and quality academics powered by top quality teachers (teachers profession made attractive) is the need of the hour. The founders, sponsors and trustees have a major role to play to percolate it top-down.

Well, all is not black or grey. There are still some very good institutes. I see one in RV university, here in Bangalore. In a yet another instance, just a few days ago, I was over-joyed to get a message from the Dir IQAC of CVRU at Chattisgarh after a week of their NAAC to say, “Sir we now believe that we can still score in NAAC by fair means. Now, please show us the way to sustain our academic endeavours genuinely from this day onwards. We sincerely wish to move many notches up in our quality academics by our sustained endeavours and pure hands”. Doesn’t it sound so good ?

-Prof JRS

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