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To Appeal Against NAAC grade or NOT ?

Here are a few tips:-
* Do appeal if unfairly landed in an undeserving grade due to some flaws in DVV or peer team assessment. A flaw may occur:-

1. A grade when multiplied with weightage, if stood totalled up wrong by the NAC as seen in the final grade sheet. It happened in one university in Greater Noida which was rectified in appeal and was later graded A+
2. If DVV did not go by your SSR stated option of a metric (A, B, C, D) and closed it without asking Institute or assigning a reason but you had otherwise fully met all the conditions of the DVV SOP. It has happened in so many institutes.
3. When DVV gave a response on Qn metric which deserved an appropriate Qn score based on stated benchmarks but score filled in the sheet was wrong. It happened with one college in Pune where publications and books score was not in consonance with benchmark score.
4. As an affiliated college, if by mistake you couldn’t accurately provide a right link, but a picture shot of the first page of publication was given and the publication was not counted. However, an altogether a fresh new proof (as an after-thought) not submitted earlier could simply be rejected, even if true. Ironical that in one genuine case in Engineering college in Ghaziabad links to far over 200 papers were not accepted in appeal. The institute however didn’t choose the next legal remedy.
5. At times when Qn and Ql point out to same or similar outcomes but vary drastically in score, you may defend any subjective assessment by DVV or PTA as applicable provided you have a strong case to defend duly supplemented with other valid documents.
6. In principle, don’t accept a blank wrong done to assessment and deserving score denied to you by the NAAC.

1. If on a sharp low edge of two grades and aspire the next higher grade, as a strategy always seek face-to-face presentation in Appeal and NOT online. Make good presentation with compelling supporting documents hyper-linked to your brief PPT. If you need only 5 more marks for scoring higher grade, raise genuine issues of at least worth 15 marks. Of course, you can’t manufacture issues out of non-issues 😀

2. Never give up a genuine claim.

Hope it helps all Dir IQACs and Heads of institutes.

The views are personal and in the best interests of fair assessment and fair grades at all levels 🙂

By:- Prof JR Sharma

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