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Trailing in NAAC DVV score

Trailing in NAAC DVV score ? You can still score over 80% in the peer team visit. Let us take a look, what creates a first big impact on a Peer team :-

1. Sometimes, a VC or Director’s words might not strike the chord with the peer team. For example, a few months ago, a visionary Peer team Chairman on his Assessment visit, asked for a quick meeting with the Institute’s Advisory Board. I had the privilege to participate in the capacity of an Advisory Board Member. The Peer team asked, “how as mentors of the institute you are implementing NEP-2020, and a few more questions. The interaction proved a clincher for the institute 🙂

2. If you have documented OBE “assessment and evaluation” process and linked it with the questions in the written exams and practical assignments and drawn graphical comparison with the previous batch outcomes, a short PPT of 2 minutes can be hugely impactful.

3. Institutes citation index, h-index and patents awarded along with at least 20% of faculty working on funded research projects, makes all the impression. Create research prowess impact right at the beginning during the VC’s ppt.

4. If you make superior quality Coffee Table Books showcasing “Best Practices”, “Extension Activities” and lay out “Students Final-Year Projects and Innovation Centre Projects” and position students, all braced-up to demonstrate their innovation before the peer team, you will leave a huge impression of your “teaching-learning” and “social extension”

5. If the Peer Team is received by a dozen of students (girls and boys) of the “Dean List” (top performers of each batch) dressed-up in institute’s awarded Maroon/Green Blazers with name plate on their right chest and “Deans’ List” written on the left chest and the enthused students introduce and conduct the peer team to the Vision, Mission on arrival at the reception lobby, and then escort peer team to VC/Dir/Board Room, and later in the day conduct peer team on their projects, you shall end up giving the peer team, a big life-time experience.

6. In demonstrating social extension, arrange peer team visit to the neighbourhood village to demonstrate the social work done by the HEI and the benefits accrued.

7. The initial VC/Dir’s PPT is very important and sets a stage for a potential grade. Often, this is also a major weakness. A large number of VCs and Directors/Principals unfortunately remain detached from the NAAC. Their engagement remains surface deep, at best. They are the one who let their institutes down.

*The best would be to ensure that you write qualitative metrics with all care and write content, you would be able to effectively demonstrate.

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