Award That Was Not

If you truly deserve an award/recognition, and an eminent credible agency with proven National credentials is prepared to bestow on you, go and get it. But if you don’t consider worthy of an award and some one is offering you because your organisation had paid to the agency to get that award or the awarding […]

How you should begin implementing NEP 2020

How you should begin implementing NEP 2020 * There are a few initiatives, your University/college can take now and be ahead of others in implementing NEP-2020. 1. If yours is at least “A”NAAC or within 100 NIRF rank institute, plan your programs to be delivered in 2022-23 now, to be uploaded on the Academic Bank […]


TRIUMPH OVER THE NAAC and NIRF THE ETHICAL and THE RIGHT WAY * It is best to have a wise Dir IQAC or any other senior faculty leading in NAAC and NIRF process from within the institute. However, be sure of his/her competence. Don’t take any internal/external self proclaiming “I” specialist, thumping chest, “I know […]

Difference of NAAC, NBA, NIRF in faculty definitions and FSR requirement

*NAAC, NBA, NIRF have all different faculty definitions and FSR requirement. Wonder why can’t they have one unified standard ? * * Faculty in NAAC* is only regular (full-time) with 90% of the total academic workload in AY engagement (Sorry, No visiting, part-time, contract, adhoc or eminent). It is a ratio of enrolled students in […]

4 Top Scoring NAAC Metrics

NAAC, for all good reasons has given a certain weight to some simple-scoring 4 metrics with whopping 100 marks. It holds the key to tilt the balance of your institute to higher NAAC grade : Don’t make mistakes in understanding how to answer all of these. Here is a clarity :- 1.1.2- Program Syllabus revision-20 […]

Specific Roles of University Appointments to Get to the Top of NAAC

Specific Roles of University Appointments to Get to the Top of NAAC 1. Responsibility of IQAC Director in NAAC related activity planning : A month prior to the commencement of Academic Year, plan a Calendar of activities/events specific to NAAC metrics and as desired in DVV SOP and list it as Annexure to the Annual […]

NAAC’s 18 Enablers

Dear Readers, NAAC goes tough; expects institutes to leverage technology and also save environment. Check, if you have all of these 18 Enablers in your institute, if aspiring for a top grade* * ERP (Comprising, OBE/CBME, Admissions, Academic Records, Accounts, Admin, Exam Management system) either through Independent Software Vendor (ISV) or Software as Services (SAS) […]

Why NAAC work tires you down and saps your energy ?

1. When you ask yourself and others to fake data, documents, prepare Minutes of Meetings, manufacture reports from the past years, it drains you out mentally since the inner soul and human conscious is pure in nature. It agitates. It creates disruptions, and perhaps, that leads to mental tiredness and a loss of energy. 2. […]