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When a NAAC assessor starts mulling, if it was a gift or graft

“I think it is a gift”. “No, I think it is a graft”. “I’m bound by the NAAC not to accept either”. “But I think, I shouldn’t mind a genuine gift”. “No, they don’t love me, why would they give me a gift”? “It is a naked graft under a veil of gift, don’t I […]

To Appeal Against NAAC grade or NOT ?

Here are a few tips:- * Do appeal if unfairly landed in an undeserving grade due to some flaws in DVV or peer team assessment. A flaw may occur:- 1. A grade when multiplied with weightage, if stood totalled up wrong by the NAC as seen in the final grade sheet. It happened in one […]

Removing ambiguity on Value Added Courses specific to NAAC Metrics

If you’re confused whether value-added courses as specified in the ‘curriculum and credit framework’, henceforth called framework need to be included in the relevant NAAC metric or not, your predicament is well understood. The NAAC definition is quite opposite to the ‘framework’. These VACs are within the curriculum and NAAC wants VACs outside of it. […]

Clarity on how to serve neighbourhood community

If in governance of an institute you are boasting about serving neighbourhood community, boast not. Just do your “Karma”. But do you know what karma you should do ? Check if your list is more empowering and relevant than the following:- 1. Introducing 2-credit courses in curriculum on the related subjects like saving environment and […]

NEP 2020 implementation: FAQs

Q.1 We lack clarity. Can we delay implementation of NEP 2020 by one more academic year ? Ans : If yours is not a NEP compliant institute so far, this inaction is potentially damaging and risking students’ career. The affected students won’t be able to (a) avail flexibility in ‘entry and exit’ options at Certificate, […]

Are you NEP 2020 Compliant HEI ?

In any accreditation or 12 (b) visit, it is almost given that a visiting team would require you to demonstrate implementation of NEP 2020. Leave alone a visit or a perceived fear of facing it on this count, it is an inescapable for any higher education institute to go along the grain or else, it […]

The short and long of IQAC

The Role of IQAC is assurance and promotion of quality. Assurance is to do all it can to help attain, well-developed quality standards set by the Management through IQAC by showing the way to (a) what are quality standards (b) what quality processes and practices would work better in attaining the set standards (c) periodic […]

Five Criteria essential to identify a best of best NAAC Consultant for your institute

Five Criteria essential to identify a best of best NAAC Consultant for your institute Criterion 1: Institutes should fact-check credentials of a Consultant and engage only an academician who is well-versed with various nuances and best practices in academics, particularly in the major disciplines/programs run by the institute. For example, a professor of engineering or […]

The Role and Certification of NAAC Consultants

The Role and Certification of NAAC Consultants NAAC quite recently received a massive jolt from the print media, particularly TOI, when it exposed questionable grades awarded to some undeserving universities and colleges. All chinks in the so -called armour were badly exposed. However, the fissures couldn’t be removed as NAAC scrambled to set the house […]